The Olive Grove

The Masseria ("stone farmhouse") Guidone is located in the Torre Santa Susanna e Mesagne area, in the province of Brindisi (Apulia). It consists of an impressive group of buildings, and many typical features such as, ancient sheepfolds, dry stone walls and a picturesque courtyard with antique threshing floor. It has belonged to the family of the present owners for more than a century. Its territory is characterized by a specialized, irrigated, intensive olive grove of ca. 16.000 trees of the best varieties, which occupy its entire area of about 80 hectares.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The production of our extra virgin olive oil begins at the end of October, when the olives, before they are completely ripe, are gathered directly from the trees, so that they never fall to the ground. The oil is cold extracted within few hours from the harvesting and produce an extra virgin olive oil which is naturally green in colour with yellow reflections. In order to get rid of the remaining impurities, the extra virgin olive oil is finally filtered.